Album “My Darkness, Darkness” out in March 2016

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After some years in the shadows Beseech recently signed a world wide record deal with the Swedish label Despotz Records that will release Beseech’s 6th Beseech full length album “My Darkness, Darkness”.

Production of the new album began almost 3 years ago and the result turned out to sound more Beseech than ever, like a continuation to the highly critically acclaimed album “Souls Highway”, but with a more vintage oriented twist.

The release of “My Darkness, Darkness” is set to March 2016. Meanwhile enjoy our first single “Beating Pulse”!

Tracklist for My Darkness Darkness:

1. Beating Pulse
2. The Shimmering
3. Bloodline Fever
4. Mr Uninvited
5. My Darkness, Darkness
6. Atmosphere
7. Highwayman
8. The Ingredients
9. One Last Call
10. Darksome
11. The Symbol

More info about the album and the release will follow.

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